Karachi Gum Industry (KGI) is one of the leading and reliable suppliers of high-quality guar-based products at competitive price.

KGI was established in year 2000 based at Pakistan’s largest Port City Karachi [near KICT (7KM) & Qasim Port (40KM)]

KGI is an ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED Company and our Quality Management System is certified to comply with HACCP Code:2003  (Food Safety Management Program) and can furnish a copy on request as well KGI products are Halal Certified.

 We have complete integrated plants to produce high quality Guar Gum of food and industrial grades and Guar Splits as well as Guar Protein/Meal.

Here are the details of our main guar products and production capacity:

  • GUAR GUM POWDER             Production:  4500 tons/a.

Quality: Food Grade,                Mesh Thru 200/Brookfield Viscosity ranges 3000 – 6500 cps

Quality: Industrial Grade,         Mesh Thru 200/Brookfield Viscosity ranges 2000 – 7000 cps 

  • PURIFIED GUAR SPLITS Production:  7300 tons/a.

Dehusked Rate :                       90 – 98 %

  • GUAR PROTEIN/MEAL Production:  16000 tons/a.

Available in Toasted & Untoasted with Protein rate:  min. 38%

GUAR GUM POWDER is a highly purified polysaccharide; its polymer molecule is made up of a mannose chain with Galactose branches, hence the name Mannogalactan. The Mannogalactan is a cold-water soluble hydrocolloid with many unique properties, such as: Stabilizer, Thickener and Binder, Dispersant, Viscosifier, Suspending Agent, Water blocker, Jelling Agent, Flocculent, and Coagulant.

We are producing Food Grade Guar Gum for different applications like Pharmaceutical, Noodles, Sauces, Bakery, Ice Cream and many more AND Industrial Grade Guar Gum for Paper, Mosquito Coil, Textile, Paint, Cosmetics and other. The main markets of our products are China, Middle East, South Africa & Europe.

We have a highly technical management staff to maintain the inventory of top quality products to be delivered to our valued customers, as they need.

We have an in-house quality control Laboratory to test the raw materials and finished products. Our laboratory has been setup with the latest testing & measuring equipments for accurate results.  Our microbiology and Physical Laboratories are professionally managed by the qualified & experienced Lab staff.


Guar Gum        :           Multiple Kraft paper bag in 25 Kgs net (800 bags = 20Mt = 1×20’FCL),

Guar Splits       :           Polypropylene bag inside Liner in 50 Kgs net (400 bags = 20Mt = 1×20’FCL),

Guar Meal        :           Polypropylene bag inside Liner in 50 Kgs net (400 bags = 20Mt = 1×20’FCL).

(Packing can also be marked and branded according to customer requirements)

We assure you for entire satisfaction in respect of Quality, Price & Delivery.

We thank you for your precious time and look forward to receiving a query from you.

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